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 Legacy is here to assisted you in the 5 Boroughs for annual NYC Boiler inspection, if you own or manage any property in NYC legacy is here at your services.

What's included in your NYC low pressure annual boiler inspection?

  1. Visual inspection of your boiler

    A Legacy technician will perform a thorough visual inspection to ensure both your boiler room and heating equipment meet NYC code.

    Some of the items we evaluate during the inspection include:

    • Boiler room conditions

    • Is the boiler room cluttered or free of debris and storage?

    • Do the boiler room lights work?

    • Are there any holes in the walls and ceilings?

    • Does the boiler room door open to egress?

    • Is there a remote switch outside the boiler room door?

    • Breeching / Chimney

    • Is the flue pipe (exhaust) and chimney free of cracks and openings?

    • Combustion Air

    • Boiler Controls

    • Gages

    • Relief / Safety Valves

    • Boiler Wiring

    • Do the low water cut-offs work?

    • Is the gauge glass clean and free of leaks?

    • Corrosion or leaks on piping in boiler room?

    • Is the piping in the boiler room properly supported?


An inspection report must be filed with the NYC Department of Buildings within 14 days of the date of the inspection. Since dealing with the DOB can be complicated, we can file the inspection report on your behalf and save you the trouble.


At Legacy , we’re all about convenience for our customers. We'll let you know when your building is due for its next annual boiler inspection, so you know when it's time to schedule your appointment the following year.

  1. Boiler logbook

    NYC DOB requires an annual report and monthly boiler log forms to be kept inside the boiler room at all times.

    We ensure you’re compliant by providing the following:

    • Annual report completed by Legacy.

    • Logbook containing a copy of the annual report along with monthly log forms.

    • Instructions on how to perform a monthly check of the boiler and how to complete monthly log forms. This can be completed by the owner or those attending to the boiler.

Tune-up and test boiler

Does the boiler meet minimum efficiency standards? Do all controls and piping meet code?

NYC requires testing of the boiler controls and safety devices by having annual maintenance service performed. This can be completed by a Legacy technician or your own service provider.

Corrections If (necessary)

If any issues are found that prevent a passing inspection, we will advise you, so you have an opportunity to make the necessary correction(s) prior to filing.

If your boiler needs repairs to pass inspection, we’ll produce a proposal outlining repairs needed to bring your boiler up to code. We also provide clear, honest, and upfront pricing. That means once you've signed off on the proposal, you'll never have to worry about receiving a surprise bill.

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